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AT Adjustable Lumbar Support Belt

AT Adjustable Lumbar Support Belt

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Get the relief and comfort you need for lower back pain with our Adjustable Lumbar Support Belt!

Spinal pain and other types of back pain are among the most common ailments that many adults experience and get worse with age!

Why You'll Benefit From this Adjustable Lumbar Support Belt?

✅It offers to support the spine and lumbar region.

It features auxiliary ABS support plates and reinforced springs for additional stability and double protection to the waist, effectively helping relieve back pressure and pain, and also can avoid muscle atrophy.

It includes three removable pads for therapeutic effects and 12 built-in self-heating magnets, delivering hot acupuncture therapy, penetrating the skin to effectively open pores, expel cold air, and improve blood circulation. It increases body fatigue and relieves muscle pain.

Its 360-degree pull and compression design slims the waist and relieves pressure on the lumbar spine.

It relieves pain and allows for longer periods of sitting, walking, and working without discomfort.

It helps improve posture and allows for participation in sports and fitness activities.

The double steel lumbosacral support controls the curvature of the spine and prevents twisting movements.

The dual traction straps provide strong, firm support to correct posture and relieve nerve pressure.

It can be worn under or over the clothing.

Double Steel Lumbosacral Support

The steel support plate and double-sided splint control the curvature of the spine, adding stability to the lumbosacral region and preventing twisting movements that can exacerbate injuries. Dual traction straps pull the foot forward to provide strong, firm support to correct posture and relieve nerve pressure.

Lumbarbrace™ – Orthopedic Lumbar Support Belt with Steel Plates and Heat  Therapy –

Thanks to this strong, warm and comfortable Adjustable Lumbar Belt Support, you will immediately notice that your back is less tight and sore. 


Adjust your spine and get effective lower back support by wearing this adjustable, lightweight, and super-strong belt. 

Back Brace for Lower Back Pain Relief – Vexapa UK

The AT Adjustable Lumbar Support Belt offers both support and therapeutic benefits, unlike many other back support belts on the market.

Size Guide:

Waistline Size
25.5 - 29.5 inch / 65 - 75 cm S
29.9 - 35.4 inch / 76 - 90 cm M
35.8 - 39.3 inch / 91 - 100 cm L
39.7 - 45.2 inch / 101 - 115 cm XL
40.9 - 45.6 inch / 104 - 116 cm 2XL
48 - 52.4 / 122 - 133 cm 3XL

How to Wear

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Can I wear a belt under my clothes?

The AT Adjustable Lumbar Support Belt can be placed under or over the material, but it can also be secured over the sweatband.

2. Can it be washed in a washing machine?

Do not wash in the washing machine. Remove all stripes and grids, rinse with warm soapy water, and air dry.

3. When using the AT Adjustable Lumbar Support Belt, what can you do?

✔️You can sit, walk and work for a long time without pain

✔️Do all the jobs/activities/home/office jobs you never thought possible

✔️Can perform daily activities without pain or fatigue

✔️Stay longer with good posture

✔️Ability to participate in running, squatting, and other sports/fitness activities

3. How is the AT Adjustable Lumbar Support Belt different from other belts I see elsewhere?

The belts you'll find elsewhere usually don't have much support. Some may have a soft plastic strap that may not be effective. They are without all thermal functions. Other belts may have built-in heaters but no support. The AT Adjustable Lumbar Support Belt offers the best of both worlds: a steel plate for lumbar support and a heating pad for heat treatment. Both are removable, so you can wear the belt however you want.

4. How does the AT Adjustable Lumbar Support Belt help with back pain?

AT Adjustable Lumbar Support Belt has a steel plate for support. The plate bends along the curve of the spine. When worn, the plate pushes against the spine to keep it straight. This position reduces pain caused by pinched nerves. It also includes a self-heating pad to reduce inflammation and improve circulation. 


  • If it is directly on the skin, it should not be worn for more than 2 hours to avoid skin burns.
  • Do not wash with a washing machine. Remove all the pads and steel plates, wash with warm water and soap, and air dry.
  • Do not wear it while sleeping or when pregnant


  • Material: Aluminum + Spring + Breathable Mesh + Velvet Buffer Memory Foam

Package Content:

1 x AT Adjustable Lumbar Support Belt
3 x Replaceable Pads
1 set Metal Plates
1 set ABS Plates



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